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G10 epoxy fiber glass tube is made from electrical glass cloth that impregnated with epoxy resin under pressure and heat, with mechanical and electrical application, good moisture resistance. G10/FR4 tube is made of fiberglass fabric. Its natural color is light green, now with pigment, it can be made into white and yellowish color. It is designed and made in accordance with industrial standards and provides the end user with dependable quality, and possess extremely high mechanical strength, better dielectric loss properties, electric strength properties under any conditions such as dry and humid environment. The main advantages of our tubes from G10 Insulation Tube Manufacturers is corrosion resistance, conductivity resistance, flame-retardance, high temperature resistance, high -mechanical strength, high tensile strength.

G10 Insulation Tube Manufacturers

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Brand Name: shenglongpan

Model Number: G10 Insulation Tube

Type: Insulation Sleeving Insulation Parts, G10 Tube

Material: Fiberglass, polyimide film

Application: transfomer High Temperature Cryogenic electric motor

Rated Voltage: DC220V/380V Above 40KV

Tensile Strength: 95~420 Mpa

Type name: 3240/fr4/fr5/g10 fiberglass reinforced epoxy tube

Thickness: customized

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1. Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

2. Brand Name:shenglongpan

3. Model Number: 10 Insulation Tube

4. Type: Insulation Sleeving

5. Material: Fiberglass, polyimide film, alkali-free woven glass fabric, heat-resistant resin

6. Application: transfomer High Temperature Cryogenic electric motor, wind generator

7. Rated Voltage: DC220V/380V Above 40KV

8. Tensile Strength: 95~420 Mpa

9. Type name: 3240/fr4/fr5/g10 fiberglass reinforced epoxy tube

10. Thickness: customized

11. Breakdown voltage (at room temperature):25

12. Resistance to water (105±2° C, 24h): Film no damage

13. Samples: Free samples are welcome

14. Customizable: Yes

15. MOQ: 1 piec

1. Good dielectrical and mechanical property.

2. Good heat and corrosion resistance.  

3. High mechanical strength and light weight.  

4. Low Electrical & Thermal Conductivity.

5. Competitive price.


1. It can be used as insulation construction parts in electric apparatus, under moist condition and intransformer oil;

2. Can also be used in space navigation industry as parts of radar, rocker, aircraft; 3. in petroleum chemical industry as corrosion-and solvent-resisting material.

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G10 Insulation Tube Manufacturers