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Cast acrylic rod manufacturers

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1. Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

2. Brand Name: Shenglongpan

3. Model Number: cast plastic bar

4. Type: cast plastic bar

5. Diameter: 1mm-130mm

6. Color: Clear, Black, Colored

7. Density: 1.19-1.2

8. Hardness: Sturdy, long-lasting

9. Length: 100mm-3000mm

10. Surface: Forsted, Tinted, Transparent, Translucent

11. Application: Light-Admitting Quality, High Thernal Stability

12. Quality: A Grade

13. Feature: UV Resistancce

14. Material: 100% virgin MMA & PMMA mater

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details

Perspex plastic marble acrylic rod Packing: Graft paper(brown paper) or PE film on both side of sheet, wood pallets will be packed in the container

Delivery Detail

Within 7 Working Days

1. Stable dielectric property.

2. Excellent transparency.

3. Diameter: 10mm-300mm. 

4. Do OEM, ODM.


1. Excellent transparency.

2. Good mechanical performance.

3. Good electrical insulation.

4. Stable and durable.

5. Non-toxic.

6. Superior impact resistance.

7. Crack resistance.

8. Superior weather resistance.

9. UV light resistance.

10. Chemical resistance.

11. Stable color under outdoor exposure.

12. Good light transmission.
13. Good weather resistance.
14. Can be molded and reprocessed.
15. Light weight.
16. widely used for different electrical equipment.
17. Good hard coating and scratch resistance.
18. Easy to clean and maintain.


1. Construction: Wndows, Soundproof windows and doors, Mining mask, Telephone booths, etc.

2. Ad: Light boxes, Signs, Signage, Exhibition, etc.

3. Transport: Trains, Cars and other vehicles' doors.

4. Medical: Baby incubators, a variety of surgical medical devices.

5. Public goods: Sanitary facilities, Handicrafts, Cosmetics, Frame, Tank, etc.

6. Industry: Surface of the instrument panel and cover, etc.

7. Lighting: Fluorescent lamps, chandeliers, street lamp, etc.